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Launching is hard

Every day, thousands of people launch their new products and services. And they all face the same questions; How do I launch it? How do I get my first customers? Is my idea any good? To answer those questions you have to talk to people, understand their needs, you have to present them your idea, get feedback and build something they want. That's hard and there is no clear and simple way on how to do those things so most people don't do them at all. They invest a lot of time and money into their ideas and they launch them without ever talking to people, without any customers, without ever validating their ideas, just hoping they will make it somehow. As expected, most of them fail.

thisismyLaunch is here to solve this burning problem and make launching new products and services easier and simpler then ever. From the moment you get the idea to the moment you're ready to launch it, we have all the tools you need. Present your project, validate it, build your audience and when you're ready, launch it to the market. All in one place.

Create your project page

Your project can be a product, service or just an idea and your project page is a place where you can present it to your visitors. Tell your story, collect feedback, offer rewards, all in one place. You can use your project page as your web page.

  • Tell your story

    Everyone loves a good story and this is the place to tell a story about your project; what is it all about, how did you get the idea and what are you trying to accomplish with it. Add images and video to make your story even more engaging.

  • Create rewards

    People will support your project, they will try it, give you feedback and help you make it better. Rewards like discounts, free book chapter or a T-shirt are a great way to give them something in return.

  • Private by default

    We know you want to protect your ideas from prying eyes so we make your project private by default. It's hidden behind a cryptographic URL so only people you share your project with, will be able to see it.

Validate your idea

Validating your idea is a crucial step before launching it because it will show you if there is a market demand for your idea. So ask people for feedback, talk to them, understand their needs and build something they want.

  • Get feedback

    Collecting feedback is essential for launching new products and services. People will tell you what they like about your project and what they don't like, they will help you identify flaws and help you improve them.

  • Talk to people

    Use our built-in messaging app to talk to your supporters, build relationships with them, understand their needs and problems and use that knowledge to build a product or service people really want.

  • Test your idea

    Test and validate your idea as quickly as possible, without investing time and money into it unless it proves to be a solid, viable idea that solves a market need. If not, drop it and try another one.

Build your audience

Start building your audience as early as possible. These people will be your biggest asset so build relationship with them, keep them updated and make them feel like they are a part of the project.

  • Subscriptions

    We made it easy for people to subscribe to your project and become your subscribers. They will be automatically notified when you launch your project through our notification system.

  • Email list

    When someone subscribes to your project, you will get access to his or hers email address. You can download the list of all your subscribers, send them project updates and notify them when you launch.

  • News feed

    Coming Soon

    Your subscribers wants to know how your project is progressing so we created news feed where they can see your project updates. You can use it to post regular updates and keep your subscribers engaged, build trust and grow your community.

Launch it

This is the big moment, your project is finally ready to see the light of a day. Now is the right moment to spread the word about it and get some customers. Celebrate your launch with awesome deals and grow your business from there.

  • Sell your product or service

    You can sell your product or service on your own website or you can use one of many 3rd-party websites like Etsy, Shopify, Fiverr or upWork. Just add a link to integrate it with your project page and that's it.

  • Launch deals

    Celebrate your launch with awesome time-limited offers and deals on your product or service. They are a great way to attract early adopters to try it and become your customers.

  • Easy share

    Spread the word about your project; ask your supporters to share it with their friends, get in touch with influencers, bloggers and everyone else who might be interested in your project and invite them to check it out.

Who is this for?

  • Freelancers
  • Makers
  • Educators
  • Indie Hackers
  • Startups
  • Online Shops
  • Everyone with an idea
  • Freelancers launching their new services

    • Tell your story and let people know you better
    • Validate the market for your service
    • Understand how to price your service
  • Makers creating arts and crafts

    • Tell your story so customers can get to know you when you're just starting out
    • Collect feedback to understand what your customers want
    • Understand how to price your products
  • Educators creating new online courses and books

    • Validate demand for your course
    • Get feedback to understand what people want
    • Build your audience before you launch
  • Indie Hackers creating awesome new products

    • Understand market demand
    • Get feedback and refine your product
    • Get customers before you even launch
  • Startups launching new products and services

    • Understand your market
    • Get feedback and validate your idea
    • Build your audience before launching
  • Online shops and Dropshippers

    • Undestand what your customers want
    • Build your audience before you launch
    • Undestand how to price your products
  • Everyone else with an idea

    • Quickly validate your idea
    • Get feedback to create something people want
    • Build a list of customers

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