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The easiest way to launch your new Products and Services

Create a Launch Campaign, get feedback, validate your idea and launch it to the public.

Launching is hard,

it has always been hard and yet, people are launching new online businesses, products, and services every day all around the world. And they all face the same questions; How do I launch my new business? How do I get my first customers? Is my idea even any good?

These are all hard questions with no clear answers so some people invest a lot of time and money into their projects, trying to make them perfect before launching only to realize there is no market for them, some are creating great projects but struggle with getting customers...

As a result, a lot of resources are being wasted on bad products and many great products and services die before they are even born.

We have to change that

We need an easy way to validate our ideas, products, and services, the ability to build an audience around them, and a simple way to launch them and get first customers. But nothing like this exists, so we decided to build it.



A launching platform for new online businesses, products, and services. It allows you to post your project, build an audience, get feedback, validate the idea, and launch it to the public, all in one place.

Built for everyone

From people who are creating their first products, freelancers offering new services, developers launching their startups to serial entrepreneurs with several businesses under their belt, everyone is welcome to use our service.

Free to use

From the first moment, our goal was to make it as simple and easy as possible to build an audience and validate your ideas without spending any money. You don't even need a website, you can do it all here in one place, for free.


Here’s how it works

  1. 1

    Build your Project

    Your project can be a book, a blog, a course, a new startup, design, or drop shipping service, in short, it can be any kind of product or service you can sell online. Your project doesn't have to be perfect at this stage so don't spend too much time building it, it just needs to have enough core features to attract people and show them what you're working on so they can give you their feedback.

  2. 2

    Create your Launch Campaign

    Now you have to get in touch with people, tell them about your project, get their feedback, and find your first customers. Your Launch Campaign page is a place where you can do all those things in one place. Just fill out the form, write your project's description, upload images and video, offer rewards to early adopters and you can start sharing it with people.

    • Story

      Tell your Story

      We all love stories so tell people a story about your project. Give them a closer look at what you are working on, how did you get the idea, and who's behind it. Post images and a video to show them how your product is going to look like or show them a portfolio of your previous work if you are launching a service.

    • Rewards

      Offer Rewards

      Rewards are one of the best ways to attract and engage people in your campaign. They will try your product or service, give you feedback, they will spread the word about your project and rewards are a great way to thank them for their support.

      • Special Deals

        Discounts, coupons

      • Free Stuff

        Chapter of a book or a course, T-Shirts, bags or stickers

    • Integrations

      Easy Integrations

      Connect your Launch Campaign with dozens of third-party Apps and Services. Here are just a few of them:

      • Newsletter

        MailChimp, EmailOctopus, AWeber

      • Products

        Etsy, eBay, Shopify, Big Cartel

      • Services

        Fiverr,, upWork

  3. 3


    What do people think about your project? The only purpose behind Prelaunch is to answer this one question. To find out, share your Launch Campaign with your friends, family, colleagues, and some of your potential customers and ask them for feedback. These people are your biggest asset so listen to them and refine your project based on their input until you have made something people really want.

  4. 4


    This is the big moment; you have validated your project, you know you have a product or service people want and now it's time to spread the word about it. Get in touch with everyone you know, get in touch with bloggers, journalists, influencers and invite them to check out your project. Celebrate your launch with special deals and offers to attract more customers and grow your business from there.

We are launching soon

Our beta users are already creating their Launch Campaigns. Sign up for early launch and join them.

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